6 Useful Tools For Startup Growth

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It’s no secret that a startup founder is busy. Whether it be with building their product, growing their email list, upgrading the architecture of their app, or traveling around hosting events — there’s rarely time to do much else. That’s why I was so happy to find so many useful tools recently in my search for tools to help with startup growth. There are a lot of tools, a lot of them free, which can be useful for startups and small businesses. The main purpose is to save time, increase productivity, organize business and workflows, keep track of projects and tasks, manage files and documents, organize meetings and calls, specialize in communications, and improve marketing efforts from social media to email marketing.

After trying out all of these tools, I’m confident that any founder looking for amazing ways to save time and get more done would greatly appreciate each one.

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6 Useful Tools That’ll Help You With Your Startup Growth

  1. Docracy.com

Surviving your first year as a startup is a big milestone. If you’re a founder, you’ve probably thought about promoting your company more and growing organically without a lot of people looking at your company. This is where docracy comes in. Docracy is an online database where users can upload documents for free and share them with others who may be interested in using them too. The best part is that if you want to learn more about startup growth, then docracy will try to direct you to resources like readme or other startup information that could help you grow your company further.

Docracy provides an easy-to-use interface that makes interacting with government data as simple as possible. You can search through images or videos, read documents in your preferred format — whether a .pdf, .docx, .png, .zip or .txt file — and even download files for free.

2. Ganttic.com

As a startup founder myself, I understand the importance of project management software to grow the startup. You can’t grow fast enough — you want to get in the news, you want to make sure your product has the best reviews, and you want to make sure everyone knows what you are doing. Also, enough marketing budget and time to launch a successful campaign can be an issue. This is where Ganttic comes in. Ganttic is a combination of two words: Gantt Chart & Timeline. It is a powerful, cloud-based software solution for managing all stages of managing a project — from planning, budgeting, resource allocation, and actuals, to completion and invoicing.

Ganttic.com is a project management tool that helps you manage and track time online. It assists team leaders in organizing the activities of their workers and the development of the company as a whole. The site is used by several startups in the US and Europe helping them to plan and track their growth.

3. Enloop.com

I’ve been running my startup for the past two years, starting out as a bootstrapped business with no investors but also no one to hold me back. It’s basically been doing what I wanted it to, but lately, I feel like I’ve hit a plateau. My growth has slowed down and I’m not sure how to kickstart it again. To solve this, I turned to one of my mentors for advice (y’know, the ones that helped you get where you are in the first place). His response? “Enloop.”

Enloop.com is a fantastic resource for any startup that wants to be successful. Startup founders and entrepreneurs go to it every day for up-to-date news and trends on the subject of startups, teamwork, early-stage funding, growth hacking, and more.

4. Flock.com

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of online communities. Statistically speaking, communities with vibrant, active memberships tend to get more views and shares throughout the web. That’s why I decided to introduce flock.com, a community that empowers users to become startup business owners and employees.

Have you heard about flock.com before? It’s a new website that allows you to get feedback and have discussions with peers and experts in your industry. By joining flock, you’ll be able to collaborate with other users, share marketing ideas, find mentors, and get advice on business growth.

5. Calendly.com

Do you experience the same problem growing your startup? Not being able to fit everything in your schedule? If that’s true, it could be the result of not planning your meetings properly. And calendly.com solves this problem. Calendly is a simple and elegant way to schedule meetings with clients and coworkers, instead of the endless back-and-forth exchange of emails. Scheduling has never been easier than with calendly.com.

Most calendars available online today are cumbersome, clunky, and second-rate from the perspective of your customer. Calendly was created to make scheduling a meeting easier and more convenient for any professional at any level. The platform has a simple, attractive user interface. It works with Outlook, Google Calendar, and many other popular calendars including Facebook events, which means it’s super easy for your customers to set up meetings without jumping through hoops or downloading additional software. This tool allows anyone to create an unlimited number of scheduled appointments at once (which makes scheduling multiple meetings on a single calendar seamless), and it also has a feature that keeps both parties in sync. You’ll know exactly what time each party will be attending the meeting and you can easily adjust the time of the meeting if you’d like to do so — no back and forth here!

6. Startupstash.com

Ever since my dad’s first startup, I’ve been helping other entrepreneurs with their growth issues through my content marketing services in the USA. Now, StartupStash has become the number one source of knowledge for people looking to solve their most difficult problems in the technology space. It’s been a long journey, but it’s helped me build a sustainable business while still allowing time for my family and friends.

Startupstash.com is the ultimate startup social network. Its mission is to become the most important hub for the world’s changing entrepreneurs, where you can connect with other startup founders and develop your business effortlessly.


In this article, I have discussed many important tools for startup growth. These tools will help you to reach success and manage your business effectively. Hope you like the article, do share it with your friends and colleagues too.

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